What others say about us.

Alan Wilkerson

"Your support group is awesome, and I use that word reluctantly given how frequently it is bandied about in every day speech. Thanks Again!"

FL Davis Home & Building Centers
Greers Ferry, AR 72067

John W. Bender

"I want to thank you for your presentation at our managers meeting a couple weeks ago. I think you had more positive influence with your presentation than anything we've done in recent memory. As we actually take some actions I'll give you some additional feedback.Thanks again for your time and expertise"

Bloomington, IN 47404

Mike Coates

"Thanks for your help in getting this product to Australia. It has completely transformed my business. I dont know what to do with all the money. My wife has a few ideas though."

Coates Mitre 10 Home & Trade
Lithgow NSW 2790

Luther Batie Jr.

"I cannot believe how much Margin Master is helping our store. Thank you so much for helping me set up the system so we could accomplish that. "

Tanglewilde Ace Hardware
Houston, TX US

Ken Story

"A huge step in pricing was going to Margin Master. I was amazed to discover that I had 2500 items priced incorrectly. I made those changes and set in place a rounding scheme that affected another 3500 Sku’s. In a month’s time those changes we made. Time will tell what the gross margin difference will be, but I do know that simply getting items that were priced incorrectly to the right price will more than pay for Margin Master."

Othello Ace Hardware
Othello, WA 99344

Mike Brennan

" I have come to view Margin Master as an indispensable tool for running my business. Besides managing retail prices, I also use it to help me spot problems with my inventory (missing or typo-ed location codes, incorrectly set up MSU's, etc.) I was an engineer for quite a few years before I started selling plungers and I have NEVER known a software developer to be as responsive as you and your team are."

Fort Valley Ace Hardware
Fort Valley, GA 31030


"Once again you were so very helpful in assisting me in implementing Margin Master for our 7 stores. Everything on the Epicor side went just fine as you had explained it would. You were so very patient with me, I am known as someone who can jump from one topic to another. Just ask my wife of 34 yrs. Utilizing specific merchandise classes also worked. With just over 450 changes per store in the first batch we saw over 10% of our potential gain. I will be running our next batch probably Monday."


"It was truly a pleasure working with you yesterday. Gary and I were both overwhelmed and impressed with your expertise and the way in which you educated us in the science of pricing and implementing 'Margin Master.'"