About Us

Who we are and how we got here.

Who We Are

Retailersoft, Inc. was founded in 2002 by multi-unit Ace Hardware Store owner Brad Green. Although Brad grew up in his family hardware store, it was only after being challenged by margin management guru Art Freedman that his quest began to achieve better margins. He quickly discovered that there was no software designed specifically to help retailers, and as a result, Margin Master was born.

Since its creation, Margin Master has delivered improved bottom line performance to over 3,200 locations. This equates to over a half-billion dollars in additional bottom line profits. Now in its third major release, Retailersoft's flagship product, Margin Master continues to help retailers using more than 60 different point-of-sale systems continually be more profitable.

Our Story

2002- The beginning

Unable to find the software he needed for his Ace Hardware stores, Brad Green began developing his own.

Word spreads

As Brad began to share his own success story with other retailers, they wanted to try the software for themselves.

2003 - RetailerSoft is born

After significant success with his original program, Brad buckles down to make his program commercially available.

Margin Master thrives

Brad's program, now called Margin Master, sells rapidly. Due to its success, RetailerSoft hires its first employees and Brad wins Retailer of the Year.

2010 - $500M+ profits delivered

Retailers across the nation praise the software as one of the most important changes EVER implemented in their business.

New products released

QuickBooks Master, Task Master, TimeClock Master, and more - all products that continue to lead Retailersoft's success.

What's next?

The future looks bright. With over 2,500 happy customers and 810,000 retail prices, Retailersoft is closing in on one billion dollars in delivered profits. Will you be part of our story?
Our Team