Margin Master helps retailers maximize their margins by managing the tens of thousands of individual Sku’s they sell. Utilization of powerful comparison analysis, margin performance can and should be measured and improved using known industry data as a baseline. Further, Margin Master facilitates the development of a store specific custom Pricing Strategy that addresses the market specific conditions unique to every location. Known category strengths and weaknesses drive business decisions that result in improved margin performance without sacrificing value image. Margin Master users achieve significant margin growth while simultaneously driving improved pricing perception. Best of all, Margin Master was developed by a retailer – for retailers. Easy to use, powerful integration with over 60 point-of-sale systems, and guaranteed results!

With over 1,250,000 retail prices updated every day, 3,000+ happy customers, and over $1 Billion in real bottom line profits delivered, Margin Master remains the number one margin management solution available for retailers today.

Pricing Strategy Benefits

Small stores, big stores, single store organizations and large chains all benefit from proactively managing margins. Achieving effective/measured results in less time with formalized management is a huge win. Using Margin Master to build and maintain a Pricing Strategy that addresses market specific business rules not only improves margins, but it eliminates the tedious and unreliable practices from before. Effective Margin Management may be the initial reason people love Margin Master, but the significant reduction in management effort to achieve higher results in also significant.

Pre-defined Rounding Schemes

Margin Master includes 5 predefined rounding schemes that are ready to be used with your existing data. Go above and beyond and build your own, custom schemes based on your own principles.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love Margin Master that we'll give you a full refund if you don't make 10X what Margin Master costs you in your first year. You won't find any other product on the market that matches our 10X return-on-investment guarantee.

Try Margin Master free with your data today! With our 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.


Margin Master has several versions available for download. System requirements and instruction for each version are available.

Margin Master Downloads

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